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Poodle Training

The Rewards of Poodle Training

Training a new poodle puppy is one of the most rewarding, and best time investments any pet owner can make. Training a new dog can be as basic as teaching him or her to come when called and house training to fetching, pointing and retrieving. There are many, many different training techniques here are some: Let's begin your puppy's education with two basic but vital lessons. We are going to teach your puppy to come to when called and to accept a collar and leash. The come lesson can be reinforced by playing games with your puppy. Games are a great way to entertain your puppy and yourself, while subliminally teaching lessons in the course of having fun. Start with a game plan and a pocketful of tasty dog treats. Keep your games short so you don't push his attention span beyond normal puppy limits. The puppy catch-me game is...

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Poodle Breed Information

Poodles At A Glance

Poodles are prized for their dynamic, clever and friendly manner. They are recognized as one of the most intelligent breeds and are eager to learn and please their...

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Poodle Care

Poodle Puppies