Most poodle owners want a classic-looking poodle, and they are so cute when they have the little bows and their hair is clipped properly. There are several standard cuts for poodles, and miniatures and standards usually have a less frivolous cut than a toy.

Poodles are smart dogs and tend to be highly aware of their surroundings, which can make them high strung. A good groomer will be aware of this and take time to be friendly to the dog. Once a poodle has bonded to the groomer, grooming becomes a day at the spa, and dogs look forward to it.

An advantage of grooming is that the groomer takes a lot of time with the dog, and can notice small details that you might miss in just petting and brushing your dog. For example, a groomer might notice a small cut or a weight loss/weight gain. Grooming is usually every month, depending on the kind of cut, and groomers notice small differences that build over the days. A groomer might notice if the dog is less alert or is more hungry than usual. This is an important perspective for a dog owner.